Saturday, September 21, 2019

Road Slurry (Type I & II)

Type I & II Road Slurry is a caltrans specified design of asphalt emulsion and aggregate. The materials are fed into a pug-mill and calibrated to a precise mix. The area is thoroughly cleaned, in which the slurry is then mixed on-site and then laid using a Slurry Machine.  Drying time depends on weather and climate. The renewed surface is uniform and black. Road Slurry is the most beneficial and popular asphalt product on the market to date; its consistencies and bituminous fines collectively produce a youthful renewed appearance.

Wheeler Paving, Inc. currently employs professionals that could assist in determining if Road Slurry would be beneficial for your project before planning. Road Slurry is recommended for "rough", cracked, fatigued or sometimes called "alligator" areas.

The eroded and damaged asphalt can be saved at a fraction of the cost compared to an asphalt overlay, and offers an opportunity to compete with sealcoat as a lasting, stronger product. The curb appeal, savings and lasting results give Road Slurry the greatest compliment to our industry. We are anxious to answer questions or provide additional information.


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